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Re: slink_cd v 1.07 out

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, John Lapeyre wrote:

>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> On 24 Feb 1999, John Lapeyre wrote:
>> >     Hi,  I am trying slink_cd 1.07 and have several problems.
>> OK, fire away.
>> >     image1  does not seem to work.  It still trys to build all images.
>> >     changing DISKLIST by hand in the script takes care of most of this.
>> Really, what errors are you seeing? If it's a complain about missing 
>> files, don't worry. It's a bug, but a non-serious one. Ah, or are you 
>> noticing it's building trees for the others too? What command-line are 
>> using?
>        Sorry , I don't have it anymore.  I used image1 and not images, I 
>got no
>error messages ( execpt maybe no volid, no extras for disk 1 ).  Yes, I was
>noticing that it was building trees for other disks. Maybe this is
>necessary ?  I didn't make it far enought to see which images were built.

If you don't specify single_disk then the trees will be built for all
disks - this is unfortunately required because of the way the disks
interact. The image[12345s] step just specifies which ISO images to make
from the trees.

>> You should run the genlist step to make _any_ binary CDs, unless you want
>> to supply the complete list of packages yourself. Perhaps I should
>> document this better, it was not always the case.
>        This probably wasn't too clear.  Eventually, the docs should
>be improved, but at this point there are probably more important things
>for you to do, like making sure the images are perfect within a week 
>(pressure ! :-) )


>        I did genlist and things seemed to be working.  I can't finish the
>test, because my mirror is not complete.  I moved it from one HD to another
>and the links into hamm were not made (probably forgot the -a in cp -ar ).
>  Ill go back tonight, maybe, and
>copy the my original mirror of hamm and slink, and give it a try again over
>the next couple of days.  I don't plan on modifying your package lists
>any, but at least you will have one more data point.

OK, fine.

>        I have trouble mirroring.  I finally got 'fmirror' to work
>pretty well.  'mirror' sometimes transfers only a few K per s (don't
>know why).  'lurkftp' used to work a little for me.  Now it just kind of
>sits there and doesn't do anything.  fmirror just starts downloading
>files as fast as my connection will allow, which is what I want.  I
>found that includes and excludes don't quite work as documented, but
>after an hour or so of work, I got something that did the trick.  I
>had to mirror all of hamm with fmirror, because if I ask it to follow
>links, then it makes a seperate mirror for frozen and slink, and god
>knows what else it would duplicate.  I guess with some scripting, one
>could make something that works more efficiently.

Hmmm. Mirror seems to work fine for me here, just works.

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