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v 1.08

Properly released, including a .deb:


 slink-cd (1.08) unstable; urgency=low
   * slink_cd changes:
   *     Only put Packages files on binary CDs now, so we should get common
         source disks.
   *     For i386, only use Joliet on binary CDs. Same reason.
   *     Munge packages files - each binary CD only know about itself and
         earlier CDs - now single_disk is no longer necessary, as normal disc 1
         will do the same job. Users now need to be told to use the last disk
         first on dselect "update" run.
   *     Moved partition checking a bit later - allow the script to create
         TMPDIR if necessary before complaining it doesn't exist...!
   *     Check that "slice master" works before continuing.
   *     Copy on README.ARCH if it exists.
   *     Fixed thinko in source md5 checking - should now work again instead
         of just dropping out.
   *     Moved vecho etc. definitions into a separate file, source it
         where necessary.
   *            Split boot stuff off into separate scripts, one per arch.
   *     Added small extra stuff for m68k - boot vme stuff on CD 1.
   *     Moved volid-reading code to each image step, avoid errors.
   * others:
   *     Created README.multicd explaining order of CDs.
   *     Changed *.info to now say ?/4 instead of ?/5 - only 4 official CDs.
   *     Created vecho - vecho definitions file.
   *     Altered mklist to use vecho.
   *     Created new boot-ARCH scripts for sparc and i386.
   *     Slightly modified Chris Lawrence's m68k install-disks python script
                to do the same job, now called boot-m68k.
   *     Added ipx to slink1.useful, needed for ncpfs. How did this ever get
   *     Updated to "master" version 1.26 1999/02/24.

Steve McIntyre, CURS CCE, Cambridge, UK.         stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk
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