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Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> [ Apologies again for the major cross-post; things are getting tight and
>   we're still missing bits. ]

CC: trimmed; and apologies for the stray post; a clear case of itchy

> ======
> Slink_cd 1.07 is out as of last night; I've made tiny changes that can
> become 1.08 very soon. The state of play for release is:
> We have working beta i386 CD images available (thanks Phil). These have
> been tested already, check cdimage.debian.org for more info and mirror
> locations.
> The sparc boot/install stuff is apprently sorted now, and the work needed
> for this went into slink_cd yesterday. Thanks Steve, Eric and others. Can
> somebody write a README.1ST.sparc on similar lines to the i386/m68k
> versions please?

Chris has written such a readme for m68k, at least I've seen it on

> I've been sent docs and I know there are sets of boot disks with the m68k
> people, but there's still no slink_cd support for them yet.

What support is required for slink_cd? But that's Chris' cup of tea again.
I'm still working on the boot floppies but Chris had a prerelease version
mastered last week so it's known to work :-)


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