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RE: slink_cd-1.08 single_disk option, dies with: pkg-order - command not found

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>> No, it's a new thing done in 1.07 - we run pkg-order during the run now 
>> check dependencies are met in each disk. pkg-order is a Debian package,
>> install that and all should work again.
>Just me again....
>Ok, pkg-order installed, now I get death via pkg-order...
>eg. (partial output)...
>   Package: console-tools
>      console-utilities
>   Package: console-tools-data
>      kbd-data
>   Package: dhcp-beta
>      dhcp-relay-beta
>   Package: dhcp-relay-beta
>      dhcp-beta
>   Package: ifrench-gut
>      ifrench
>   Package: kbd-data
>      console-tools-data
>   Package: sendmail
>      smail
>   Package: smail
>      mail-transport-agent
>      sendmail

Did it actually stop there? Mine doesn't... I'll see what I can do about
making it so verbose....

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