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RE: Slink Source images

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>Tuesday, February 23, 1999; Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> We simply tell the user to insert the last binary disc first when
>> using multi-cd.
>Good idea.
>Can it be done without having to change dpkg-multicd?
>(remember it is in the release AND the boot-floppies)
>((and the boot-floppies are still broke in this regard))

I guess so, yes. A slight change to dpkg-multicd here would be useful, but
is not essential.

>Perhaps just a readme.multicd.txt instruction file,
>and of course changes to slink_cd.

The slink_cd change is already made; it was trivial. I'll add a
README.multicd now, and a line to README.1ST... done.

>....remember....someone already announced that slink
>will be released next Monday:(

Erm, yes... :-)

>slink_cd-1.07 ran last night here for i386 with no problems
>although I have not looked at the images.

OK, good. 

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