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Re: CD vendor contacts?

> Thanks for the compliment.  I am glad that I can be involved.  It makes me
> feel good that I can do something in the Debian community and I have an
> understanding of the scripts which I would not have otherwise.
> I am in a better position to supply customers with a product of a high
> standard and I feel that I have had a useful input into the shape of the
> discs from a vendor's standpoint.  I would have learnt much by just
> lurking and I hope other vendors have done so.
> I would imagine that most vendors are in this business as a sideline and
> do not make much money, and that a good proportion of these would not like
> a sharp boundary between the technical and marketing (horrible word) sides
> of Debian.  This list is one place where deliberate blurring of the
> boundary can take place. 
> Any other vendors out there? 

Linux Central (linuxcentral.com) has a passive presence here.  


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