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Re: CD vendor contacts?

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Jens Ritter wrote:

>Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cs.leidenuniv.nl> writes:
>> I seem to remember that this list was at one point in time used to
>> communicate with CD vendors. Can someone tell me if this is still
>> so?
>> (Please Cc me, since this is one of the few Debian-lists I'm not
>> subscribed to).
>Uh, well. This list has recently been used for communications on the
>new slink-cd scripts. I hope that we did not annoy any vendors who
>have been subscribed to this list.

AFAIK my two best testers, Jim Westveer and Philip Charles, are both CD
vendors(?). I hope they've been happy to be involved in the slink_cd
stuff, as it means their needs should be met too. Anybody else?

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