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Re: slink1.needed

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Philip Charles wrote:

>After burning slink1 which was a shambles (the reason for which I invoke
>the US fourth ammendment - or should I say the Bill of Rights of William
>and Mary) I looked at slink1.needed and discovered that xdm was missing.

Hmm, OK. But it should be in slink1.useful anyway, which will cover it.
But you've reminded me of something I forgot in the noise - I
was going to work on a parser for the "master" files used in the
boot-disks themselves. I'll get that done now, then there should be no
problem like this again.

>I attacked boot-floppies and produced another slink1.needed and found that
>it was about 500 bytes bigger, so presumably there are a few more missing
>packages.  If my list is any use, yell.

OK, it might be right now. Thanks.

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