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Re: Slink release - what's left?

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>On Feb 11, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>>   *     Added hfs.map for Apple people - not sure what to do with it yet.
>On m68k and powerpc, add "-hfs -probe -map /usr/src/slink_cd/hfs.map"
>to the mkhybrid command line.  That's all there is to it.

OK, easy. Done.

>> Where are we up to on non-i386 boot/installation? If we're going to
>> release together, which I assume is still the plan, then we need to get
>> this sorted _soon_. I know someone (Eric? Stephane?) is working on the
>> sparc disks and I have some support for them now. I've seen work ongoing
>> on the m68k disks, too. I've not seen much for Alpha yet, but that may be
>> my fault.
>The m68k disks are close; we're very close to having the VME system
>bootable and 2.0.36 kernels being used.


>As far as the CD goes, making CD#1 bootable on BVME m68k machines
>requires the boot image (at least the El Torito format one) to be the
>bvme6000 rescue disk.  I've added a small hack to slink_cd to add the
>necessary parameters for CD#1, but perhaps it would be better to have
>env. variables like MKISOFS_OPTS_DISC[1-5] so each disc can have
>custom options on the mkhybrid/mkisofs command line.  

OK, that sounds sensible. Done. Each of the image calls to mkhybrid is now
of the form

	  -o $OUT/slink1.raw $MKISOFS_OPTS_DISC1 slink1

so that each disk can have special options defined earlier, and the common
options can be defined once in MKISOFS_OPTS.

>In theory Amigas could also be bootable off the CD using Amiga LILO (I
>think Amigas boot off CD using something different than El Torito), but
>that would really be a potato addition. 


>The ISO volume IDs are important for Amigas and Macs (particularly the
>latter) as the OS uses them as device names.  I have adopted
>"Debian-ARCH 2.1 Disc N" as the format for the names on the m68k CDs.

Again, reasonable. I've changed the default to match.

>The CD identifiers being used by dpkg-multicd should also be
>arch-specific [at least for CDs 1, 2 and 5; CDs 3 and 4 should/can be
>identical on all arches.]


>I have a long-ish m68k-specific README that could become README.1ST
>(or README.FIRST for those of us who have outgrown 8.3 ;-).  Or I
>could come up with a brief one a la the i386 version that tells you to
>read the m68k-specific README.

I guess I'm really looking for a small one that should just list what a
clueful/experienced person is looking for - what CD do I try to boot; what
do I do if that doesn't work. Anything more should be referenced from the
rest of the docs...

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