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slink_cd v 1.05 available

Check the usual place:


 slink-cd (1.05) unstable; urgency=low
   * slink_cd changes:
   *     now uses a BASEDIR variable so you don't have to start in the
             slink_cd directory.
   *     added more obvious pointers for -F flag for farmers.
   *     check for "$NU", not "$NONUS" when looking for non-US files
   *     cope with non-absolute paths; create things if necessary
   *     check we're using the -F mkhybrid option in genlinks
   *     remove the non-US entries from the list files if we're not using
   *     fixed up the genlinks stuff to cope with a more convoluted tree;
             seems slower...
   *     we don't need to do the sed thing twice for the volid files...
   * others:
   *     arch no longer runs non-free by default
   *     added mkisofsrc to .deb package
   *     fixed mklinks regexp to be more careful on the binary-all links stage
   *     fixed mklinks regexp to be more careful on the current links stage
 1f107bcfc6d6e8066477afdd59900e7c 564 contrib/utils extra slink-cd_1.05.dsc
 45e9a9f6d12c86396400a2c12baa4049 41341 contrib/utils extra slink-cd_1.05.tar.gz
 1dcc7b738245c9dc163059947ec6ce80 38854 contrib/utils extra slink-cd_1.05_all.deb

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