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RE: FW: dpkg_multicd_0.13 and boot-disks 2.1.6 still broken..

> >
> > 	Wrong Disk.  I need "Debian GNU/Linux slink" but I found
> > 	"Debian GNU/Linux slink (2.1) 1/5 main binary section 1 SAM1990130
> > 	Please change the disks and press enter
> >
> > ...hummmm...

> Can you please check the source of dpkg-multicd?   I remember that I
> removed the restriction that only the first two words as CD identifier
> were recognized.

Yea, in install around line 94, he tries to see if the package described
in the file Packages.cd under X-medium, matches the disk currently available

I am not astute enough to figure out who is chopping the string short.
Obviously $thisdisk has the chopped string, and $medium has the correct
value.  I checked the CD I created, and the Packages.cd file has the
correct disk name under X-medium.

I will look again tomorrow....

Jim Westveer

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