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Re: Packages to exclude on m68k CDs

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>Here are the glob(7) patterns for excluding unneeded packages
>(i.e. "all" packages that don't work on m68k, because the non-"all"
>package that uses them doesn't exist) from m68k CDs:
>           'kernel-source-2.1.*', 'kernel-doc-2.1.*',
>           'kernel-source-2.0.3[45]*', 'kernel-doc-2.0.3[45]*',
>           'communicator-*', 'netscape-*', 'metro-motif-*',
>           'quake-lib*', 'quake2-*',
>           'navigator-*', 'festlex-*', 'festvox-*',
>[This list was ripped out of my rsync mirroring script.]

OK... I think I can see a few more that _may_ have problems: 

checker (last time I checked it was i386-specific IIRC)
ftape* (PC-style floppy interface?)
lincity-svga (svgalib dep)
zgv (svgalib dep)

And there are probably more too, just these strike me...

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