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RE: 1.04.deb

> From: Philip Charles [mailto:philipc@es.co.nz]
> Subject: Re: 1.04.deb
> Would you check your i386 slink3 and slink4 discs please.  I have a nice
> source file systems, but no files.  contrib, non-free and non-US have
> something.
> I am using the symlink farm.


I have good source, project directories and files, 
all the other directory trees are there, but empty which
is correct.

I do not use the symlink farm method, I took two 8G
drives and made a 16G md disk out of em, and use that
for output of the iso images.

Although the files pass the "sanity" test, I have not 
actually burned disks and tested them as yet....just
got 1.04 this morning...;-)

Sorry I am not more help...
So far, no one has been killed in a computer crash.
Jim Westveer ------------- jwest@netnw.com 
phone -------------------- 425-392-0141

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