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Re: Some obvserations

On Mon, 11 Jan 1999, Laurent Bonnaud wrote:

>i'm testing slink_cd-0.98 on a RedHat 5.2 system (i did not choose the
>distribution) and found a small incompatibility between both
>distributions :
> - RH 5.2 has the GNU version from GNU textutils 1.22


> - Debian 2.0 has an undetermined version :


>slink-cd uses the -v option which only exist on the Debian version, so
>i had to remove it. 

OK, fixed in my sources.

>I made another modification to suppress output for correct files : 
>        md5sum -c ../debcheck_disks.1 | grep -v OK


>In the process i discovered that i also needed a hamm mirror.  Before i
>download another 700MB, does somebody know when links from slink to
>hamm will be replaced by real files ?

Pass. I was hoping these would have been done ages ago, but I've had to
work around it...

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