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Re: slink_cd 0.96

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Philip Charles wrote:

>Idiot tester report #2,
>	Trying hard to make every possible mistake.
>"MIRROR=home/ftp/debian" needs to be included in arch and the example.
>Successfully fell into that trap.


>Mannaged to get all binaries onto first two disks, plus extras, without
>hacking slink_cd.  


>The rest of the set is a shambles of course.

Really? In what way?

>Slink1 burnt 1998/1999 and the package lists seemed OK.
>The preselected systems under dselect are not working well for me at the

??? I had a quick look at those and all seemed well when I checked. 
Although if the user is going to select some of the development options
then CD #2 is going to be _required_ - there just isn't space to get all
of it on CD #1 any more.

>Happy new year from 1999 to those still in 1998.

Thanks. We're just there now and I'm typing this while sobering up... :-)

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