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RE: - slink_cd 0.96 -

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Jim Westveer wrote:

>> Subject: slink_cd 0.96
>> Is now up in the usual place:
>> A few changes, mainly to cope with changes in the archive:
>I have run 0.96 a couple of times now, and it appears that it only
>builds Disk 1&2 (sometimes 3).  When I look in the /tmp/ at the packages
>files....the packages 3 4 &5 are empty ;-(  Any thoughts???

Hmmm. Do you run using script or similar so you get log output? I've got
things running fine on open for 3 arches, up to the point where it will
create the images. What command line are you using? And I presume you've
checked for silly things like running out of disk? 

>> the new 2.1.4 i386 bootdisks are due - no need for the tecra floppy any
>> more
>This would be goodness...I did build a complete set of disks (1-5) with
>0.95, and installed a new system this week with it.  All WORKED!  

Good stuff.

>Only comment is that although multi-cd works....it is not for the first
>time user.  I think that a newbie may have a hard time with it. 

It's a _lot_ better than the hamm setup, where the user had to drive
dselect through each disc by hand. But agreed, it's not as easy as it
could be yet.

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