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Re: Slinkcd 0.92

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Philip Charles wrote:

>Report from an idiot tester.
>Have run slink_cd several times using different options.  My Debian
>archive is not complete (need to remove hamm to get enough room).
>Images do not get created - checked everything carefully.  Is there some
>form of error trapping to prevent this happening?

Apologies, no. I turned off the creation of images by default while I was
testing myself. I should have flagged that... 

>The /boot directories are outside the disc file systems in /boot1 and
>/boot2.  Are these moved prior to creating the disc images?  Or is it
>related to the afore mentioned error trapping?

No. This is a hack that was used for the hamm CDs - some BIOSes have
problems booting floppy images placed a long way into the disk, so the
first two disks are created with two directories - the boot directory
first to ensure the floppy image goes near the start of the disk, and then
the rest of the archive. Only (relatively) new mkisofs/mkhybrid versions
will cope here. 

>I will burning my CDs with a mkhybrid | cdrecord pipe.
>I like the system and with a little fiddling I should be able to get it to
>do what I want.  I like the checking system.

Good, I'm glad you're happy. :-)

>As I said, I am an idiot tester and our function is to make the stupid
>mistakes and to ruthlessly apply Murphy's law.


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