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FW: X - Slinkcd 0.93


I built the i386 set, burned a test of disk#1, and
with the exceptions of all the bugs (not yours), the
images seem ok!  

Only comment is that my non-US is NOT under the debian
mirror directory, I keep it at the same level, so I 
only had a small change to your script :-)  
-things be getting better-


I also stepped through slink_cd-0.93 building m68k.

All went well up to the point of building the boot 
image.  M68k's /current/ directory has a different
structure than i386.  /current/ has amega, atari, 
common, and mac directories.

I have no answer about which one to load, I imagine
the m68k could do without booting from the CD.
(i am sure there are other opinions)

Any-hooww... perhaps if m68k, then no boot selection
for mkisofs, or just a text file, saying "boot goes here".

I will try the Alpha next...

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