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Re: Slinkcd 0.92

On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Eric Delaunay wrote:

>sparc uses SILO.  It allows to boot multiple kernels.
>It needs some files to be put on the CD (silo.conf, cd.b, ...).
>It doesn't need mkhybrid at all, just mkisofs.  You need to run SILO after the
>image is built to register absolute address of the kernels you want to boot
>off and put the boot record in the beginning of the image.
>I didn't check exactly how it works.  I will get your scripts then try to
>build and write such image as soon as possible.

Great. That would be very useful. Make sure you get the latest version
(0.93). I've been working on this a lot today and made some further


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