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RE: III -Thoughts, experiences, ideas...RE: Debian slink CD images

Philip Charles wrote...

> Quite a proportion of my customers only want one CD to start with 

Actually I agree.  Most likely 80%+ of my customers are
first time Linux users; and only order 1 disk.  

Unfortunately with 2250 packages in slink, no-one has as 
yet come up with a rational way of deciding what packages 
are "important" and should be on a single CD distribution.

I will most likely go out of the CD creation business
if I lose 80% of my customers.

I do not have the answer.  I do however think that it is 
important to make a slink disk-set, and then subsequently
figure out how to make it better.

Everyone who comes in here wants three things:
        1. They want it quick.
        2. They want it good.
        3. They want it cheap.
I tell 'em to pick two and call me back.

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