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Re: Debian slink CD images

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Gerhard Poul wrote:

>But we tried (you can look into the archives for that) to make a Debian
>CD standard and to implement a new debian-cd script which should be much
>better than the old one... 

Yes, I saw your announcements and I got the details down. Looked OK.

>But now the apt team told me that they don't like the standards we worked
>on in this list and which everyone liked who was interested in them... 

??? I must have missed that bit, maybe when I was away from my computer
for a couple of weeks last month. What did they take issue with?

>And if apt doesn't support them it's not important to do such a thing...
>And I'll not implement a new debian-cd if we don't have a definitive
>I only implement our local scripts for generating debian-cd's ... And I
>haven't seen a working slink or sid cd-rom yet... as soon as I see such a
>thing I'll implement a local script. But I'll not release it to the public
>because nobody is interested in these things...

Quite. The script I'm working on started as a local hack, but other people
appear to be interested so I'm taking comments/suggestions.

>I really thought that the debian team is better organised and I thought
>about to become a debian developer...
>But debian seems to be bad organised at the moment. Maybe a new project
>leader will change that... But at the moment it's impossible for me to know
>who agrees to my standard and who doesn't like it...
>but I'll work for the debian team again after they tell me who has to agree
>to a standard so it would be supported in apt and deselect...
>Then I would be happy to write the next debian-cd versions...

Sounds like you're very pissed off, which is understandable. What exactly
did the apt people say?

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