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Thoughts, experiences, ideas...RE: Debian slink CD images

Thoughts, experiences, ideas
(hopefully constructive feedback)

 resc1440.bin ??? not currently in the slink archive!
 -- workaround: I used hamm/main/disks-i386
 I have not seen a 1440 boot-image in slink as yet.
 last time I tried the 1743-image mkisofs complained that the
 resc1743.bin was too big.
 is this true, or are my fat fingers at fault here;-)

 -many thousands of errors -
 I am not sure what is at fault here.
 I have a fairly stable mirror, that I use daily
 so my first thought is that the mirror is ok.  What
 exactly does this section do?

 Creates main-1 then main-3 (?)  is this a typo, or intended?

 Finds many errors like:
 !! Package ktop has `Section: contrib/x11', but file is in `x11' !!
 !! Package metro-motif-bin has `Section: contrib/x11', but file is in `x11'
 !! Package metro-motif-demobin has `Section: contrib/x11', but file is in

 Is this a by-product of "flatten" ?

 errors with :

 Copying new boot disks into place
 cp: /root/boot-floppies/*i386: No such file or directory

 Is this your personal workaround to the resc1743.bin problem?

 ok - good for repackagers


 It made...
 656248832 Dec 11 07:50 slink1.raw
 715577344 Dec 11 07:55 slink2.raw  <<-- a bit heavy here ;-)
 471808000 Dec 11 07:59 slink3.raw
 684177408 Dec 11 08:03 slink4.raw  <<-- a bit heavy here ;-)
 561004544 Dec 11 08:07 slink5.raw

Thoughts about Organization of disks.......
 *** Single Binary Image ***

 The first disk really needs to be stand-alone.
 If this is all the user receives, they should be able to build
 enough of a  system to get going.  The rest can be
 upgraded from the net.

 The only problem here I see is that the /net and /utils directory is
 on slink3.  I am sure that the organization of what goes on what disk
 will be a topic forever....but we should build the first disk so that it
 can be "given away" or "widely distributed".  It needs to just get
 the user up, and it needs enough free space on it to be available
 for "custom distributions".  ie. if Corel wanted to release their
 office products on a Debian base, it would be easier if there was
 enough space left on the "base" disk, for their applications. just a

 I hate this problem.....but there is the reality....
 The "official" disks should not include non-US, as one is not
 sure where you are gointo ship the disk to.  Perhaps it should be
 on its own disk.


Actually I like it!

I like the extra's section.

I like the disk#-list idea, it makes changes easy.

Your code is easily read/modified.

Gotta make the first disk as stand-alone as possible.

Gotta put non-US on a separate disk.

These thoughts only reflect on the dis-organization of my mind at present,
and do not reflect my company, or others near by....

Jim Westveer

*** Fatal Error: Found [MS-Windows],
repartitioning Disk for Linux ...
Jim Westveer ------------- jwest@netnw.com
phone -------------------- 425-392-0141

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> Subject: Debian slink CD images
> I have just released v0.6 of my script to generate CD images for slink.
> See

Comments and suggestions welcome, as always. I think the default layout
I've got here is reasonabley sensible; what do other people think?

I was looking at using Tom Lees' multiple image selector program on the
CDs, but I'm having problem getting ito work just yet so for now the
options are the same as for hamm: normal image on CD#1 and the Tecra image
on CD#2.

The only thing(s) holding me back from producing copies of these images
onto gold CD now are:

1. broken boot-floppies (dinstall doesn't work here).
2. the libc 6 recompilation needed.

Steve McIntyre, stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk The Unix world's best mod
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