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Re: Slink CDs - boot floopy images?

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

>> Suggestions, then? I could simply sym-link Packages.cd to Packages in each
>> case, assuming the standard mount methods won't be thrown by the extra
>> X-Medium field...
>Jason Gunthorpe asked for regular Packages files in common places
>and Packages.cd only additionally.  This means per CD you have to
>manually create a set of Packages and Packages.cd files.  (You could
>modify dpkg-scanpackages to produce both in one run though.

Yes... Actually, as I generate Packages lists of the contents of each CD
anyway, as an intermediate step, it should be quite easy to munge these
into proper Packages files by simply copying those intermediate per-CD
files into the tree. Maybe I'll run them through grep to lose the X-Medium
as well.

>Linking Packages and Packages.cd together is not useful since
>main/binary-$arch/Packages.cd contains all files in the main
>distribution, on *all* cds.  In that case you'd end up with the
>same problem that started this discussion. :)

Doh! Yes, of course...

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