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Re: Slink CDs - boot floopy images?

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

>Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> >This won't work.  Simply due to slink/main is 750 MB big and the CD
>> >can only contain 650 of them.  Thus the Packages file cannot reflect
>> >the contents of the cd archive.
>> Agreed in that the normal Packages files will list more than just the
>> contents of each CD, but I'm thinking of putting them on anyway as maybe
>> another check...
>This is not quite useful since you won't be able to use them.  If they
>would reflect the current archive you could still access them with regular
>mount methods for dselect.

Suggestions, then? I could simply sym-link Packages.cd to Packages in each
case, assuming the standard mount methods won't be thrown by the extra
X-Medium field...

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