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Re: Slink CDs - boot floopy images?

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

>Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> > Yes, but it's useful to have the md5sums on the cd, to check that the 
>> > are not damaged by the cd creation process (think Infomagic)
>> Won't the Packages files do for that? On the CDs I'm looking to make,
>> there will already be the standard Packages files as copied from the
>> archive _and_ the new Packages.cd files for multicd, both of which have
>This won't work.  Simply due to slink/main is 750 MB big and the CD
>can only contain 650 of them.  Thus the Packages file cannot reflect
>the contents of the cd archive.

Agreed in that the normal Packages files will list more than just the
contents of each CD, but I'm thinking of putting them on anyway as maybe
another check...

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