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Re: Slink CDs - boot floopy images?

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Brederlow wrote:

>> True, but I've already got a cron job running on my local mirror anyway
>> which checks the md5sums, and I'm currently checking this output before
>> even starting with the CD generation scripts.
>But I (I as in "the nurd from the street trying debian") don't. Also I
>saw more than one broken file on ftp.debian.org (e.g. broken
>surce.tar.gz files).

OK, the script now does some md5 checking, at least for .debs. I can't see
any source md5sums to check against.

>> ??? Why?
>Sometimes the files get corrupted during upload. Any orig.tar.gz
>should be unpacked to see if its fine. Alternatively you could check
>its md5sum, if there is a debian file containing sums for source.

I guess so. This is going to get painfully slow...

>You still would have to read in every file multiple times. (Once for
>checking and once mkisofs).

Yes, I realise that.

>> I've also updated the script to add some extras to fill some of the spare
>> space, such as the latest Netscape and the latest kernel unstable and
>> stable trees. I'll tidy things up and get a new version of the script
>> uploaded tonight.
>Great. Will one be able to pass an option to include a list of "local"
>directories? Maybe even with the distinction between local deb files
>and just extras like kernel sources?

So far I've just added an "extras" directory on disk #5 for extra files of
whatever type. Disk#5 because it's currently least full. At the moment 
(v 0.3) it's hardcoded in the script, but I guess it should be better
split out and maybe moved to a disk other than "non-free".



for the current state of play. For 0.4 I'll add an option (probably OFF by
default) to at least try and untar all the tar.gz files before making
images, but it'll have to be simple if it's going to be run automatically. 
I'm thinking of simply untarring in a pipe to /dev/null and check for
error returns... 

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