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Re: Splitting CDs.


> to organize *any* Debian CD so that the installation tools can find
> each package.

that's what the standard is about... It defines the way apt, dpkg, ...
access the CD. It doesn't say anything about which packages have to be there
because this will change in deb 2.2 or 3.0, ...

> Yep.  That's fine, except it would be nicer to allow multiple packages
> files.

there is a new version of the standard which I'll post in a few hours. These
things will be one of the improvements...

> It should be possible to describe an FTP or HTTP site using the same
> description files.  So instead of saying something like:

Good idea... really interesting. Maybe someone of the FTP Mirrors can help
us deciding this... But the standard is (at the moment) only for CDs.


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