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debian-cd Mailing list


there is now a mailing list about debian-cd where we develop the new
version. First we want to write an Official Debian-CD standard which will be
sent to this mailinglist as soon as we have the first version.

We also want to discuss the package management things... We would be very
happy if some people from apt, dpkg, dselect, ... would join the mailinglist
and discuss the standard with us and implement it into their utilities
afterwards to get a functionable slink release in late december (I think
that's the current release date...)

maybe someone wants to move this mailinglist plus a mailinglist archive to
lists.debian.org. If you want to do this (administrators!?) please contact

At the moment it is on a majordomo at debiancd@shadow.atnet.at. to subscribe
please send a mail to debiancd-request@shadow.atnet.at.

If the mailing list is moved to lists.debian.org you'll not have to
re-subscribe because we will happily give the subscriber list to the admins
of lists.debian.org... just contact me before installing something... 

many thanks,

PS: All versions and discussions about the standard will be placed into this
mailinglist. We are only developing the versions on debiancd mailing list
because we don't want to tell you things which aren't interesting for every
developer... (like why a file is in /debian/dists/disks-i386 and not in

PPS: Please send all your ideas to the mailinglist (you don't have to be
subscribed to write something to the mailinglist because we haven't had any
spamming yet ;))) )

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