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Non-free/non-US on CD


As Debian distributor in the Netherlands, I've made a CD containing
sections non-free and non-US, as well as WordPerfect 8 for Linux and a few
other little things. Non-free and non-US for all architectures (i386,
alpha, m68k, sparc) and including source. CD format is ISO/Joliet/
Rockridge with Translate Tables.

I've made `my own' packages.cd files for non-free/non-US and included
packages.cd files from main & contrib for all achitectures. When using
dselect-multicd, having the "Unofficial Extras" CD inserted when
[U]pdating, all packages from main/contrib/non-free/non-US will be
selectable. [I]nstall handles three CDs (Binary-1, -2 and Extras) very

The .iso image of my "Unofficial Extras" CD is NOT available for download
(my sysadmin doesn't want the traffic...) but I'm prepared to upload it to
a few `mirror' sites.

So, if you have 665139200 bytes available in some Incoming/upload
directory, please drop me a note.

NOTE1: At this time, I want to upload the CD image only to sites that will
       make it publicly accessible,
NOTE2: Mirrors _outside_the_US_ only (CD contains section non-US).

Legal issues: I don't know if it is fully legal to distribute this
 "Unofficial Extras" CDROM physically; packages in non-free may have some
 weird restrictions. However, all software is freely available on the
 'net, so putting the .iso image online is "just another mirror site". 
 According to the Corel webpage, WP8 may/will be included in future Debian
 versions - I've included it already in advance.
 (No StarOffice; I don't want to get sued...)

Greetings from Holland,

  Anne Bezemer

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