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Re: Bug#973326: double-conversion: Misbuild with -O3: DoubleToStringConverter::DoubleToStringConverter() constructor dropped from exported symbols

Control: severity -1 important

Re: Steve Langasek
> The latest upload of double-conversion is failing to build from source on
> ppc64el in Ubuntu, because Ubuntu builds ppc64el with -O3 by default instead
> of -O2, and this additional optimization level somehow causes a public
> constructor to be lost from the exported symbols:
> [...]
> - (c++)"double_conversion::DoubleToStringConverter::DoubleToStringConverter(int,
>  char const*, char const*, char, int, int, int, int)@Base" 3.1.5
> +#MISSING: 3.1.5-6# (c++)"double_conversion::DoubleToStringConverter::DoubleToSt
> ringConverter(int, char const*, char const*, char, int, int, int, int)@Base" 3.1
> .5


the same diff is showing up in the kfreebsd-* build logs now. The
build there is done with -O2 though, so the provided patch is likely
not enough for fixing this.

I'm raising the severity to important because the package built
successfully there in the past, and this failure is now holding back
cmake, which in turn holds back a lot of other packages from being
built there.


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