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Bug#957230: Bug#966370: bsdmainutils: 12.1.3 removal of lorder breaks rdeps

On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 03:01:31PM +0100, Jessica Clarke wrote:
> Package: bsdmainutils
> Version: 12.1.3
> Severity: serious
> Control: affects -1 src:freebsd-buildutils src:freebsd-glue src:freebsd-libs
> Hi,
> The removal of lorder in 12.1.3 causes various freebsd-* packages to
> FTBFS which are now scheduled for autoremoval from testing. Please
> restore this shell script; it's not deprecated, it's still widely used
> by the BSDs and maintained in at least FreeBSD.

I'm surprised it is actually used as it was pointed out to me that the script
has been non-functional for quite a while. Anyway, it cannot easily be "restored"
because the old bsdmainutils package does not exist anymore. All tools except
ncal and calendar, which are now in their own package, are now build out of
util-linux. Would it be possible to include lorder.sh in one of the affected
freebsd packages?

Michael Meskes
Michael at Fam-Meskes dot De
Michael at Meskes dot (De|Com|Net|Org)
Meskes at (Debian|Postgresql) dot Org

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