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Re: Debian Buster release to partially drop non-systemd support

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser@tarent.de> writes:

> … this applies to the shim only. I was a bit surprised seeing on
> someone else’s system that it was no longer installable, but almost
> all systemd-free systems of people I know do not use the shim anyway,
> so I’d take the Subject line with a few grains of salt.
> With only two modified binary packages (policykit-1 and udisks2) I’ve
> got a complete KDE environment running, except for network-manager,
> without the shim. People who do not use the full desktop environments
> (but the leaner ones, or just a window manager, or no X11 at all) have
> no problems with the current situation.
>> >   sysvinit currently has two maintainers, but they've only
>> > ever made one upload (over a year ago).
>> It seems that these facts are either largely ignored or unknown and I
>> wonder if some noise should be made so that interested people can pick
>> up the work now and not only complain later.
> Why would sysvinit need uploads? It’s largely working software
> that needs few changes. I personally find upload frequency as
> a measurement misused too often: sure, no uploads raises some
> questions, but more than four to six uploads a year should, in
> my opinion, raise even more questions (namely whether the soft‐
> ware is ripe and stable enough in the first place).

I was about to reply to this thread, but you have completely expressed
what I want to say:

1. systemd-shim is not necessary, even for DEs (except GNOME3).
2. sysvinit-core is very stable and do not need new uploads.


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