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Re-evaluating architecture inclusion in unstable/experimental

(resending with corrected address for debian-bsd)

Dear ports maintainer,

The ftpmaster team would like to clarify which Debian ports should
and/or would like to continue to be part of Debian unstable and

As outlined on the Debian Archive Criteria page[0], the key points to
consider are whether the architecture has been part of a stable release,
whether it is *likely* to be part of a stable release, as well as
whether it currently has a sensible number of active maintainers.

Whilst you may be happy to continue the work of maintaining the port
regardless, don't forget that excess or otherwise unnecessary
architectures involve a shared maintenance burden as well as incurring
non-trivial requirements on mirror/Debian resources.

The statistics and graphs available on the debian-ports page[1] may
provide some objective statistics or reflection on the actual
suitability of your architecture's continued inclusion.

So, in the first instance, would you like to continue being part of

 [0]: https://ftp-master.debian.org/archive-criteria.html
 [1]: https://buildd.debian.org/stats/

Luke Faraone

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