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Re: Request for kFreeBSD (and Hurd) porters


Svante Signell wrote:
> The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD port recently obtained a buildd building
> packages for the sid distribution, kamp. Thank you very much for your
> effort making this happening jrtc27 :)

Thanks very much for this James!  It was a really nice surprise to see
packages building again.

May I ask who has provided the hardware/hosting?  And what is the DNS
hostname of the machine?  (kamp.buildd.org does not resolve for me).

Also, how are the i386 builds done:  is that a kfreebsd-i386 chroot on a
kfreebsd-amd64 system?  Or is it a separate VM running "natively" on the
32-bit kernel?

By the way, since 4 days or so many packages are Built but not Installed
in the archive.  Is that because a DD must manually check and sign them?

Steven Chamberlain

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