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答复: Who is still here?

I want to build an OS from FreeBSD + bsd-libc + Fedora.

发件人: Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>
发送时间: 2017年12月25日 23:08
收件人: debian-bsd@lists.debian.org
主题: Re: Who is still here?

Sorry for this late response.  I've been away for a long time.
I've not been able to do any development work, or even keep up with
emails on the lists.  Sorry.

I'm actually still using GNU/kFreeBSD in some places, find it very
useful, and perceive it has advantages over Debian GNU/Linux. 

I've no objection to the current infrastructure going away.  I'd be more
interested in starting fresh with new ideas, such as:  if Debian starts
to do reproducible building or use cloud providers, we could try to do
the same;  or when a new live system or installer appears, we could try
to port to it.

Restarting GNU/kFreeBSD development would be a long-term project, it may
take 2-5 years to see a new release.

If I do find time to work on this, my first thought would be to archive
the most important parts:  source code in the "glibc-bsd" Subversion
repository, including the kernel and packaging of libraries and
utilities.  The Debian-provided Subversion infrastructure will likely go
away in favour of salsa.debian.org (GitLab), so I'd like to restart the
discussion on changing to Git.

This could be a nice opportunity to bring in new contributors.  GitLab
might be friendlier to newcomers, or to those who already tried to
contribute but we didn't have a good workflow to integrate their work.

I think GNU/kFreeBSD wouldn't survive as ~3 people doing the bulk of the
development work.  But there is hope, if we find ways of making it easier
for other people to work on it, and then if there's enough interest.

Steven Chamberlain

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