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Short talk on 34c3?

Hi everyone,

the FSFE is planning a session on the 34th Chaos Communication Congress
about Free operating systems that are not based on Linux. We want to
promote "free software diversity" and would love have someone introduce
Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and/or to the audience. We are also inviting the
BSDs, OpenSolaris/IllumOS...

The session will be part of the unofficial program and will likely be
held in the large assembly space of the more political organisations.
Last year we have had community sessions with over a hundred people so
it is an opportunity to present your project to an interested crowd.
More details on the session in general can be found here:

The person presenting doesn't in anyway have to represent the project,
but it would be good if they were able to answer questions on it!

Format of the short talk:
* max. 10min talk/presentation + 5min Q+A
* one slide about yourself and your role in / experience with the project
* one slide with quick facts of your project (since when? how many
developers? size of community, commercial users? License? frequency of
updates ...)
* then pick some things that are specific to your OS or that you think
are interesting
* doesn't have to be a complete overview, it's ok to cover some
highlights and some differences to other OSs, especially Linux
* you can also demonstrate something practical, e.g. how easy it is to
configure your operating system's firewall compared to iptables.

Is anyone that you know going to 34c3 that would like to do this? Please
feel free to forward this to other people... And please get back to me
ASAP if you want to volunteer!

Thank you and best regards,
Hannes (German team of the FSFE)

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