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Re: Bug#853751: unbound: FTBFS[!linux]: missing getentropy implementations

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Hi again,

Attached is an updated patch, that I hope is more suitable for upstream.
It adds a configure option `--with-libbsd' allowing to use it if
desired (instead of using the overlay);  and it updates libunbound.pc if
necessary, to tell users of -lunbound to also use -lbsd.

Also attached is a patch for the unbound Debian packaging, which would
use that option on non-Linux architectures.  libunbound would then build
with portable implementations of getentropy, arc4random etc. from
libbsd, fixing the current FTBFS.  This shouldn't break any
reverse-depends because those already FTBFS on kfreebsd and hurd, and
those architectures are not in testing.

In future, if libbsd was enabled on linux architectures too, then there
perhaps should be a soname bump / transition where reverse-depends (e.g.
gnutls28) switch to using pkg-config, so that they themselves link with
-lbsd if necessary, and not simply -lunbound as most do currently.
Helmut Grohne suggested uploading to experimental in that case, and then
I could file patches for all the reverse-depends.

Thanks for considering,
Steven Chamberlain

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