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Re: Bug#852215: FTBFS on non-release architectures

James Clarke <jrtc27@debian.org> (2017-02-11):
> Some data points:
> alpha          : Missing srm-reader in archive. Builds after adding a
>                  locally-built .udeb to localudebs (and working around the
>                  crazy broken mirror setup on electro [one of the local mirrors
>                  has no unstable -> sid symlink, but has an unreleased -> sid
>                  symlink]*...  but that's not debian-installer's problem). If
>                  alpha porters want installer images, I guess they should
>                  upload and maintain srm-reader in unreleased.
> hppa           : Builds after applying patch from #852260.
> hurd-i386      : Builds without any further changes.
> kfreebsd-amd64 : Builds if the netboot gtk image size limit is increased by 2M.
> sparc64        : Builds without any further changes.
> These were all done in chroots with just the build-deps installed. None of the
> build results have been tested.

Thanks, merged branch and pushed.

> * This would not be a problem for http mirrors, since debian-installer would
>   discard the mirror as invalid when generating the udeb sources.list, but
>   since this is a file: mirror, it doesn't check for validity and assumes it
>   works. In theory debian-installer could check file: mirrors too, which would
>   work around this insanity.

I think I'll pass. ;)


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