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Trying to use kFreeBSD as a firewall, but it won't forward packets

I'm trying to set up a kFreeBSD system as a firewall.  However, I'm having trouble getting it to forward packets.

I can connect between my LAN and the firewall (via its LAN interface) -- and I can reach the Internet from the firewall (via its WAN interface) -- but I can't manage to go through the firewall from my LAN to the Internet (I've set up another box to use the kFreeBSD firewall as its gateway, but packets are simply being dropped).

I have net.inet.ip.forwarding enabled, and I'm using a minimal PF configuration that does NAT and passes everything in and out on both network interfaces.  I can supply more details if necessary, but before I do that, can anyone think of something obvious which I may have missed?

My eventual goal, btw, is to set up two kFreeBSD firewalls in a failover configuration using CARP.
Rich Wales

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