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Re: Bug#830894: override: initscripts:admin/optional


Michael Biebl wrote:
> Afaics, there weren't any concerns raised by our -hurd@ and -bsd@
> maintainers so far. If you need more time to evaluate the change, please
> speak up now. Otherwise I'd ask the ftp-masters to proceed with
> implementing the change.

I don't foresee any problems.  I presume this doesn't affect the
installer;  when we start to build live images we'll ensure the
necessary init system packages get installed;  if any packages need to
be manually specified now when debootstrapping a BSD jail, I will update
the Wiki instructions (we don't actually need /sbin/init for those, so
this change is probably an improvement)..

Thanks for heads-up.

Steven Chamberlain

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