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Bug#821289: kde4libs: kfreebsd_support.diff doesn't depend on Debian patched cmake anymore

Package: kde4libs
Version: 4:4.14.16-1
Severity: wishlist


Reading kfreebsd_support.diff:

Make kdelibs build in Debian's kFreeBSD.
We can not push this patch to upstream since the:
CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME MATCHES kFreeBSD stuff, needs the Debian patched

I think this is not correct anymore. The upstream package contains things like:

Modules/CMakeDetermineSystem.cmake:  # fix for GNU/kFreeBSD, remove the GNU/
Modules/CMakeDetermineSystem.cmake:  if(${_PREFIX}_NAME MATCHES kFreeBSD)
Modules/CMakeDetermineSystem.cmake:    set(${_PREFIX}_NAME kFreeBSD)
Modules/CMakeDetermineSystem.cmake-  endif()

Modules/Platform/kFreeBSD.cmake:# kFreeBSD looks just like Linux.

I don't see anything relevant to CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME in the Debian patches that could be required by kfreebsd_support.diff in kde4libs.

So the note can be removed now?

If you'd like I can submit the patch to upstream too.

Jon Boden

ubuntuBSD -- The power of FreeBSD kernel with familiarity of Ubuntu OS!

http://www.ubuntubsd.org/ -- https://twitter.com/ubuntuBSD

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