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Bug#820151: kfreebsd-10: non-DFSG mode (for ubuntuBSD)

Control: tags -1 + pending

Jon Boden wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 09, 2016 at 01:15:33AM +0100, Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> > My first thought is to use the Version field;  that already determines
> > what SVN revision is checked out from which branch.  If it contained
> > something like "+nonfree", get-orig-source could retain the non-free
> > stuff, and build targets could alter their behaviour.  The non-free
> > source package would be easily identifiable as such, and as being
> > different from Debian's own.
> Works for me. Would you like a patch to do that?

I've committed my take on this as SVN r5987 of

This is our experimental 10.3 branch, however.  I'm still testing it.
It will likely go into sid in the next couple of weeks.

> > I'm considering to also add +nonfree to the abiname when building
> > non-free source.  Side effects are that this appears in `uname -a`
> > output and the names of binary packages;  it makes them
> > co-installable with the original DFSG kernels, and GRUB2 would give them
> > separate menu entries.
> If it's going to be so exposed, could we use something that doesn't
> have as much negative connotation?

That was my plan all along ;)  Then maybe users will ask "where can I
get the free one"?

Actually by each having a different abiname, should make them
co-installable on a machine;  you could someday have separate suites
offering free and non-free versions.  (And maybe Debian could too, for
that matter).

The binary packages are also named with the "+nonfree" or "+sourceless"
tag, allowing popcon to track them separately from DFSG-free packages,
to gauge their relative popularity.

> Internally the build system uses "sourceless". How does that sound?

I'm fine with whatever name you want to use.  It only required an extra
half-life of code to make that possible.  Upstream does call this

Within Debian - we would obviously call it non-free, and to me that
seems the most accurate term - but what you call it in your distribution
is entirely your choice.

Steven Chamberlain

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