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Bug#818743: kfreebsd-10: Increase ARG_MAX to match the one from Linux

forwarded 818743 https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=208154
tags 818743 + moreinfo
severity 818743 wishlist


Jon Boden wrote:
> ARG_MAX is too small for building LibreOffice (errors out with
> "Argument list too long").
> I suggest increasing it to match with the Linux value:
> $ getconf ARG_MAX
> 2097152

I'm not really comfortable with this change, but let's see what upstream
say about it in FreeBSD bugzilla.

My initial concerns are:
  * maybe it leads to big memory allocations and, on some platforms
    (especially kfreebsd-i386) this may be excessive
  * if we do something that's not the default upstream, then a Debian
    chroot on regular FreeBSD (or vice-versa) will behave in different

> This was found when attempting to build LibreOffice on ubuntuBSD.

I haven't seen this problem with Debian libreoffice builds (yet).
libreoffice is also in FreeBSD ports.  If it does become a problem when
some later version is packaged, we could revisit this.

(Maybe it is/was a bug in libreoffice itself, or the Ubuntu packaging;
and maybe fixing it to support a lower ARG_MAX is desirable anyway, it
may be more efficient on Linux too.)

Steven Chamberlain

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