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Bug#817821: fuse4bsd: Claims to provide fusermount, but doesn't

Package: fuse4bsd
Severity: normal


The package description claims:

Description: Filesystem in USErspace (utilities)
 Simple interface for userspace programs to export a virtual
 filesystem to kFreeBSD.
 This package contains the fusermount utility which is necessary to
 mount fuse filesystems.

But then:

$ dpkg -L fuse4bsd

Please fix either the package or the description :-).

(If the problem is in the description, I would be glad if someone
 could tell me how to unmount a FUSE file system under kFreeBSD,
 so that I can make the python-llfuse and s3ql unit tests work
 correctly. Or is FUSE only usable by root on kFreeBSD?)


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