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Re: Missing d-i daily builds on kfreebsd-*

Steven Chamberlain wrote:
> Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > I've noticed kfreebsd-* are lacking d-i daily builds. Looking on the
> > porterboxes for both archs, the issue is the following:

> There were many things broken by [new glibc] in sid, kfreebsd-i386
> especially.

kfreebsd-amd64 was fixed yesterday by a p11-kit binNMU (and the nightly
d-i build succeeded).

kfreebsd-i386 was fixed today by Aurelien's new glibc upload and the
p11-kit binNMU.  I don't think that'll be dinstalled in time for
tonight's d-i daily build, but it should be okay tomorrow night.

Thanks for mentioning it.

Steven Chamberlain

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