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freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2_multi.changes ACCEPTED into experimental


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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2016 20:17:57 +0000
Source: freebsd-libs
Binary: libsbuf6 libsbuf6-udeb libsbuf-dev libdwarf-freebsd-3 libdwarf-freebsd-dev libelf-freebsd-1 libelf-freebsd-dev libutil-freebsd-9 libutil-freebsd-dev libcam6 libcam-dev libgeom1 libgeom-dev libgeom1-udeb libusbhid4debian libusbhid-common libusbhid-dev libusb3 libusb2-dev libusb3-udeb libkvm6 libkvm-dev libdevstat7 libdevstat-dev libmemstat3 libmemstat-dev libnetgraph4 libnetgraph-dev libipx2 libipx-dev libipx2-udeb libkiconv4 libkiconv-dev libjail1 libjail-dev libalias7 libalias-dev
Architecture: source all
Version: 10.3~svn296373-2
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: GNU/kFreeBSD Maintainers <debian-bsd@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org>
 libalias-dev - Development files for libalias
 libalias7  - FreeBSD packet aliasing library
 libcam-dev - Development files for libcam
 libcam6    - FreeBSD CAM (Common Access Method) library
 libdevstat-dev - Development files for libdevstat
 libdevstat7 - FreeBSD devstat (kernel interface) library
 libdwarf-freebsd-3 - library to consume and produce DWARF debug information (FreeBSD v
 libdwarf-freebsd-dev - Development files for libdwarf (FreeBSD version)
 libelf-freebsd-1 - library to read and write ELF files
 libelf-freebsd-dev - Development files for libelf (FreeBSD version)
 libgeom-dev - Development files for libgeom
 libgeom1   - FreeBSD GEOM library
 libgeom1-udeb - FreeBSD GEOM library (udeb) (udeb)
 libipx-dev - Development files for libipx
 libipx2    - FreeBSD IPX address conversion support library
 libipx2-udeb - FreeBSD IPX address conversion support library (udeb) (udeb)
 libjail-dev - Development files for libjail
 libjail1   - FreeBSD jail library
 libkiconv-dev - Development files for libkiconv
 libkiconv4 - FreeBSD kernel side iconv library (udeb)
 libkvm-dev - Development files for libkvm
 libkvm6    - FreeBSD kvm (kernel memory interface) library
 libmemstat-dev - Development files for libmemstat
 libmemstat3 - FreeBSD memstat (kernel interface) library
 libnetgraph-dev - Development files for libnetgraph
 libnetgraph4 - FreeBSD netgraph (kernel interface) library
 libsbuf-dev - Development files for libsbuf
 libsbuf6   - FreeBSD string buffer library
 libsbuf6-udeb - FreeBSD string buffer library (udeb) (udeb)
 libusb2-dev - Development files for libusb2
 libusb3    - FreeBSD userspace USB programming library
 libusb3-udeb - Development files for libusb2 (udeb) (udeb)
 libusbhid-common - Common files for the USB HID devices FreeBSD library
 libusbhid-dev - Development files for libusbhid
 libusbhid4debian - FreeBSD library to access USB HID devices
 libutil-freebsd-9 - FreeBSD utility library
 libutil-freebsd-dev - Development files for libutil-freebsd
Closes: 811238
 freebsd-libs (10.3~svn296373-2) experimental; urgency=medium
   * Avoid including kernel headers on non-kfreebsd arches,
     sys/ctype.h and machine/stdarg.h in sys/kern/subr_prf.c
       - subr_prf.diff
   * In fparseln, replace fgetln(3) with getline(3) (Closes: #811238)
 7ec70afb74d7531c114c24a1030cfb318aa8b206 4366 freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.dsc
 db00fe8a3620134b4a946cf6db04de84789d02e7 31596 freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.debian.tar.xz
 c93f707d5dfdb39f1938c4d9504d9e639097529a 24648 libusbhid-common_10.3~svn296373-2_all.deb
 47f04ce1f20a64a88f0cf64b4e9d4a38823b451dbd2afd071b9f21a361990652 4366 freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.dsc
 234aa8a70bae3a661649c3f2198249499db1e0e6338f87a8bed02ef4f3bd569f 31596 freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.debian.tar.xz
 542fc33c237beea7461608c96468d55d725720eb689ce5ea327cab6f421a3c7f 24648 libusbhid-common_10.3~svn296373-2_all.deb
 79b380344c0cc176d77e1d6c8b862990 4366 libs optional freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.dsc
 ffd8c217b4d14bfde977d626313a6b3b 31596 libs optional freebsd-libs_10.3~svn296373-2.debian.tar.xz
 e0cbf931c1b719151f9a7f2f5ea1c8ae 24648 libs optional libusbhid-common_10.3~svn296373-2_all.deb

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