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Re: Replacement for setxattr on kFreeBSD?

Nikolaus Rath wrote:
> [...] But it seems that
> just uploading the new upstream release fixed that issue, nice!

Oh, I thought it must be something you did.  Thanks anyway!

> [...] Can you tell me how to detect
> GNU/kFreeBSD from Python? sys.platform and os.uname are potential
> candidates, but the Python docs unfortunately don't mention what the
> values of those variables are for GNU/kFreeBSD (and if they differ from
> the one for FreeBSD and GNU/Linux).

On GNU/kFreeBSD, sys.platform is "kfreebsd9", "kfreebsd10" etc. so I
suggest using:

    if sys.platform.startswith('gnukfreebsd'):

On FreeBSD it is "freebsd9", "freebsd10", etc.

Steven Chamberlain

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