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Re: Bug#788102: Bug788102: ilmbase: FPU functions unimplemented on kfreebsd/hurd

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Note that it'll need a symbol update to get built.

Doen that already:  https://bugs.debian.org/815633

> Also it seems the testsuite has issues with comparing floats:
> on hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-i386:
> lt-ImathTest: testBoxAlgo.cpp:892: void {anonymous}::boxMatrixTransform(): Assertion `b21 == b2' failed.

That also affects linux-i386 FWIW.

> It should probably use approximated comparison, shouldn't it?

Probably should, but I'm not sure how that could have regressed since
the -8 package...  I wonder if it has to do with the patch that was
only meant to disable the FPU features on hurd and kfreebsd.

Steven Chamberlain

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