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Re: Bug#815265: kinect-audio-setup: FTBFS on kfreebsd: implicit declaration of function 'libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver'


Antonio Ospite wrote:
> libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver() is available in libusb-1.0 since
> v1.0.16 dated 2013-07-11, according
> to /usr/share/doc/libusb-1.0-0/changelog.gz
> I see that the kfreebsd ports use a compatible library named libusb2,
> where can I find more info about it?
> Can the libusb-1.0 library from http://libusb.info/ be used at all on
> kfreebsd?

That does not support the kernel of FreeBSD.  So FreeBSD had its own
implementation of the libusb 0.1 and 1.0 APIs.  FreeBSD just calls it

The Debian package is called libusb2-dev for some reason I don't
know(?);  the library is in a package called libusb3 to match the
current SONAME which is .3

The latest usb.h upstream is unchanged since 2013-03-13 so it has no

Steven Chamberlain

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