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Re: Bug#814668: installing libglib2.0-0:kfreebsd-i386 on amd64 resets system clock to 1970


Helmut Grohne wrote:
> # dpkg --print-architecture
> amd64
> # apt-get install libglib2.0-0:kfreebsd-i386
> ...
> Setting up libglib2.0-0:kfreebsd-i386 (2.46.2-3) ...
> Segmentation fault
> Segmentation fault

Running postinst scripts for a foreign-arch package sounds problematic.
If it aborted without executing, is that not a problem still?

Apart from i386-on-amd64, I'd expect this to fail in most situations.
Have issues not been seen in postinst before, with other combinations of
native/foreign arch?

> What happens here is that a kfreebsd-i386 binary is run on a linux
> kernel. Unfortunately, their syscall interfaces are sufficiently similar
> that some syscalls actually are successful in doing what they never
> intended: changing the system clock.

If that binary has the FreeBSD ELF ABI type, I'm surprised Linux will
attempt to execute it?

In the reverse scenario, with linux binaries on kfreebsd, depending on
the ELF ABI type it is executes natively, or it is handled by the Linux
syscall emulation layer.

> Possibly glibc should do something different?

I'm surprised ld.so didn't fail in this situation.

Steven Chamberlain

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